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Average digital marketer spends 3.5 hours a week searching for brainfood to keep up with all the changes happening around and to deepen his/her knowledge. But because of the everpresent informational noise, he is drowning 70 % of time in low-quality articles and click-bait content. Sigma Digest is changing that.

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Today’s world is ruled by knowledge, and money is made by using the right information at the right time. Whether you are building your career or digital project, Sigma Digest will help you level-up your expertise.

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Time is your most valuable asset. So say no to ineffective search for quality content in an ocean of still repeated junior stuff. Eliminate social feeds procrastination. And spend time only reading & watching what is worth it.

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Digital marketing is evolving at an exponential rate. What do have successful marketers in common? They are able to keep up with all the changes around, understand what is essential, and utilize it in their business.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to process each day? You need to economize your attention. Sigma Digest picks and prioritizes reading materials for you to cure your cognitive fatigue.

Anatomy of Weekly Digest

Covered topics

  • Important News
  • Studies, reviews & analyses
  • Interviews & opinions
  • How-Tos & overviews
  • Might come in handy
  • Basic but interesting

We are choosing the best articles about Search Engine Optimization, but in “Might come in handy” section you will find analytics, paid advertising, social media, e-commerce, and much more.

Time to read

We estimate the time needed to read each article. You can plan your reading for a coffee break or allot an education time in your schedule.


For each category, we choose 3 articles, videos or presentations that are most important, and ca. 2 – 6 other valuable content pieces.

What sources are you monitoring?

We are picking content from thousands of websites. Our list includes large hubs like Moz, Search Engine Journal or SEMRush as well as hundreds of niche SEO blogs. We also care what the community thinks that is important, so we are sifting through 851 Twitter accounts & 26 Subreddits.

How do you choose what is best?

Everything is handpicked by experts & validated by social engagement scores. We are also building our own online projects and running a digital agency for years – so we know what is right and working for us & our clients. We are a team of battle-hardened online marketers with dozens of years of expertise.

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Analyses & Special Digests

Sigma Digest team prepares for our subscribers each month several competitive analyses, market insights, and article overviews for specific topics. They will help you deepen your knowledge, tweak your marketing strategies, and maybe jumpstart an entirely new digital business.

June 2019

Top articles: Advanced channel attribution

Keyword analysis: Fitness & bodybuilding

Content analysis of top beauty blogs

Best of

July 2019

Best of Jon Loomer –

Top articles: Average CPC across platforms

Keyword analysis: Smartphones (products)

Top personal blogs of top digital marketers

August 2019

Best of Avinash Kaushik –

Top articles: Real earnings from Youtube

Keywords analysis: Marketing podcasts

Statistical analysis of Wikipedia external links


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Founder & CEO,

What do you want me to write? :) You know I love it because I bought subscriptions for my entire team.

Pankaj Mangal
Advertising Specialist

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