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An average digital marketer spends 3.5 hours a week searching for brain-food content to deepen their knowledge. However,  70 % of that time is spent drowning in low-quality articles and click-bait content.

Sigma Digest newsletters are changing that. We select crucial news, need-to-read studies, how-tos & interviews about online advertising, SEO and social media. Our aim is to give you a competitive advantage and make you the smartest in the room.

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Sigma Digest

I have always struggled with keeping up with the new stuff because all my time went just to projects & clients. Sigma Digest solved my life-long dilemma on how to combine education & productive work. ;)

Tomas Muzik,

Sigma Digest newsletters

Basic Newsletter

  • Monday: Need To Know News
  • One Study, one How-To and one Interview each week.
  • One Exclusive Sigma Digest research per month.
  • Deep-dives into our own digital agency & SaaS businesses data.

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  • Monday: Need To Know News
  • Tuesday: Studies, Reviews & Analyses
  • Wednesday: How-Tos & Guides
  • Thursday: Interview & Opinions
  • Breaking News immediately.
  • Exclusive Sigma Digest market research & topic overviews for your competitive edge.
  • Deep-dives into our own digital agency & SaaS businesses data.
  • Expert insights & interpretations.

In Insider's Edition, we are currently covering Online Advertising. Social media & SEO are coming soon.

What you get

Monday's news contains 4 to 10 articles covering the most significant development in digital marketing:

  • Major changes in platform algorithms or functions,
  • Announcements from Google, Facebook or other large players,
  • New trends or shifts on the advertising market,
  • Political development that influence your digital business,
  • Or anything which concern the life of online marketers & entrepreneurs.

When big events take place anywhere in the world, we also include the best presentations and recordings in a special section of Monday's newsletter.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we send newsletters specific to your selected field of expertise. Currently, we are covering paid Online Advertising (search, display, social, native, programmatic, video and even niche platforms ads). Social media marketing and SEO are coming soon.

You can expect the best studies, analyses, how-tos and interviews that are published on the internet. Basically, you will get everything you need to become an elite digital marketer. Each newsletter contains 4 main articles and up to 10 other articles in 'Might also interest you' section. Our goal is to not overwhelm you, so we would rather send nothing than send you average content.

You can find examples of our newsletters in our blog - we've had a Free Week on July 2019.

Example of a Wednesday's How-To newsletter.

Throughout the month you will also be getting our exclusive research and overviews, usually 4 in a month:

  • Keyword and competitive analyses for specific niches,
  • Market analyses,
  • Ad creatives' screenshots & their summaries for different industries,
  • Topic overviews (e.g. '7 life changing case studies on Google Ads KW optimization' or 'TOP 5 articles on e-commerce landing pages'),
  • Best-ofs (e.g. 'Neil Patel's fundamental articles on digital marketing' or 'Best Facebook Ads courses on MOOC platforms').

These analyses will give you sharp insights into multiple niches and industries and can help you with your or your clients' business. Each research cost between $250 and $3000, but you can get them essentially for free with Insider's Edition subscription.

Sigma Digest is so much better than my RSS reader. I don't have to spend time searching for drops of valuable articles in the ocean of boring & repetitious trash anymore.

Vit Zima, ING Bank

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