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14-20 January 2019 | Week 3

Top of the Week

"Super wolf blood moon” is a media and SEO invention »

"There is no such thing as a 'blood moon.' It’s mostly a media invention, driven largely by efforts to get readers to visit news websites—through a tactic known as 'search engine optimization'.

Time to read: 4,2 minutes


Google News Digest: New SERP Features and Pay for Conversions in Display Campaigns »

"Most of the updates are related to Google Search News — new SERPs features, algorithm update, mobile-first transition, etc. — but we also noticed many Google Ads and Google Tool updates and features being rolled out in the past two weeks."

Time to read: 10,0 minutes

Google Local Spammers Using Open Date Edits To Hurt Businesses »

"Tim said 'Some bad guy suggested an edit to their GMB business profile, saying that the client was opening in the future. In reality, this client has been in business since 1994. Doing this caused them to completely disappear from the local pack.'"

Time to read: 1,2 minutes

EU copyright directive nearing final form as Google tests stripped-down news SERPs »

"The directive seeks to 'harmonize' copyright law across Europe. However there are two provisions (Articles 11 & 13) that are highly problematic and have caused free-speech advocates and many online publishers grave concern."

Time to read: 3,6 minutes

Studies, Reviews & Analyses

Can Harmonic Centrality Be the New PageRank? »

"...some organizations are already using this measure, for instance, Common Crawl, a nonprofit organization that has been crawling the web for several years, uses this measure in its crawling strategy."

Time to read: 12,3 minutes

Case Study: Using Basic SEO to 4x Organic Traffic in 6-months »

"It goes to show that you don’t need fancy SEO tricks to get high rankings and traffic to your blog or website. You don’t need to trick Google with the latest SEO hack that won’t work a month from now."

Time to read: 12,7 minutes

On Page SEO Case Study: Ranking without external links? »

"Let me show you how I went from position 20 to position 3 in a post that had been stuck for 12+ months without any additional backlinks just by applying a simple and well known on-page SEO strategy."

Time to read: 8,9 minutes

Interviews & Opinions

SEO Unpacked with Mike King »

"On this episode, we will be geeking out on SEO covering everything from Latent Semantic indexing or LSI to Markov models to term frequency and more."

Time to read: 55,5 minutes (podcast)

SEO in 2019 »

"THE QUESTIONS: #1 How do you believe digital marketing (not just SEO) as a whole might change in 2019? | #2 Any predictions on how the search industry might change and shift in 2019? | #3 What will you be doing more or less of in 2019? This can be specific tactics, operational, etc. "

Time to read: 28,7 minutes

How a top SEO agency works in Spain: Interview w/ Carlos Estevez, Internet Republica »

"Carlos shares with us how they work by answering: The type of clients they work with, critical factors of success with clients, the main challenges they see with clients, how do they organize their SEO work, what project management tools they use, what SEO tools they use, what are the main differences when doing SEO in Spain than in English speaking markets."

Time to read: 9,3 minutes (video)

How-Tos & Overviews

5 Real Examples of Advanced Content Promotion Strategies »

Time to read: 12,3 minutes

How To Use Marketing Psychology To Build A Likable #Chatbot »

And: How to turn your agency into a unicorn with #Chat Marketing

Time to read: 13,3 minutes (video)

Google "Leaked" Lead Generation Playbook »

Time to read: 4,7 minutes

Might Come in Handy

State of Social 2019: Untapped Opportunities for Marketers »

Time to read: 2,3 minutes

Where to Find Hundreds of Business-Plan Examples »

Time to read: 3,0 minutes

Google AI Blog: Looking Back at Google’s Research Efforts in 2018 »

Time to read: 30,0 minutes

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