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13-19 May 2019  |  Week 20

Top of the Week

The big picture from Google Marketing Live: With multi-channel campaigns, Google aims to own the funnel »

"The idea of running Search and Display together in one campaign will still make many advertisers shudder. But most of the new campaign types don’t give advertisers the option to opt out of channel inventory. That, Google will say, was a tactic necessary in a pre-machine learning powered world. Machine learning may be overhyped, but it underpins nearly every aspect of campaigns and will continue to grow in importance. Where Search was once the hub of AdWords, it’s becoming just one of the spokes in Google Ads."

Time to read: 7.3 minutes (1462 words)


Podcast episodes will now show up in Google searches. Helpful discovery mechanism or a shot in the Platform Wars? »

"In particular, this is probably going to change how people think about naming their shows, as they now operate within a universe that contains a powerful search engine with robust rules."

Time to read: 20.3 minutes (4053 words)

Google I/O 2019 Recap: The Key Takeaways for SEOs »

"KEY TAKEAWAYS: 1. Googlebot now uses the latest version of Chrome as its rendering engine and will be continuously updated with the latest version. 2. Big changes are coming to image search with the addition of the high resolution image program, swipe up to navigate and 3D models in search. 3. A new speed report is being introduced to Search Console and webmasters can sign up for access to the beta version."

Time to read: 37.8 minutes (7553 words)

Danny Sullivan Highlights 6 Huge Publisher Fears at Google Ranking Fair »

Two fears really stand out: "Web publishers are not stupid and they are aware that voice search does not have a clear path to monetization." & "...fear of having the organic results pushed down by ads, featured snippets, People Also Ask and other “helpful” Google features."

Time to read: 4.4 minutes (880 words)

Studies, Reviews & Analyses

Exploring Google's New How-to Snippets In Search And On Smart Displays: SERP Treatment, Fresh Data, GSC Reporting, Monetization, and more »

"For those sites that provide How-to content, you should absolutely have this on your radar and watch the rollout very closely. Your traffic could be on the line."

Time to read: 12.4 minutes (2483 words)

The Forgotten History of Link Ranking Algorithms »

Lovely summary of link ranking algorithms during years. It is not exhaustive, but mainly provides overview how we got to the current state. Most valuable is probably the compilation of links to studies, researches and articles throughout the text.

Time to read: 5.9 minutes (1188 words)

SEO Expectations Vs SEO Reality »

"Approx 34% of businesses believe that high website traffic means more sales, so they need to increase the same."

Time to read: 12.8 minutes (2565 words)

Interviews & Opinions

Why Online Stores Should Replace Paid Advertising with SEO »

"The truth is: ads do not build trust; ads only capitalize on it."

Time to read: 7.2 minutes (1440 words)

Opinion: The (misguided) push for a digital advertising tax »

"A Nobel Prize-winning economist is recommending that to save democracy, the Federal Government should tax advertising."

Time to read: 4.6 minutes (913 words)

Why Google Isn’t Giving Advice Anymore »

"...what we can say for certain is that the Google algorithm either is, or will be at some point in the near future, be virtually incomprehensible except by inference from the job it is doing. Google may be able to steer it – and this is why the QRG should be a manual for digital marketers – but Google"

Time to read: 10.8 minutes (2169 words)

How-Tos & Overviews

The SEO Guide to Migrate International Websites »


How to Spy on Competitors with Python & Data Studio »

Time to read: 6.4 minutes (1274 words)

How To Get Your Images in a Featured Snippet »

Time to read: 14.3 minutes (2867 words)

Might Come in Handy

A summary of Google Data Studio: Updates from April 2019 Search Engine Watch »

Time to read: 4.1 minutes (816 words)

Migration, Migrations, Migraine - Site Move Fears are not Well-Founded »

Time to read: 6.9 minutes (1374 words)

How does a multichannel marketing strategy improve revenue, retention, and conversion? »

Time to read: 4.8 minutes (952 words)

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