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5-11 November 2018 | Week 45

Top of the Week

How a small French privacy ruling could remake adtech for good »

"A ruling in late October against a little-known French adtech firm that popped up on the national data watchdog’s website earlier this month is causing ripples of excitement to run through privacy watchers in Europe who believe it signals the beginning of the end for creepy online ads."

Time to read: 16,4 minutes


Facebook documents seized by UK parliament ahead of a crucial hearing »

"The files are reported to contain confidential emails in relation to Facebook’s data and privacy controls in the run-up to the firm’s data scandal earlier this year."

Time to read: 5,0 minutes

Google and Facebook back Berners-Lee's Case #ForTheWeb - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch »

"Tim Berners-Lee unveiled a document called “The Case for the Web” which outlines principles to protect and enhance the web’s future, as well as craft a collective contract for May 2019."

Time to read: 6,3 minutes

The Ultimate Calendar of Digital Marketing Events »

"Cyber Weekend broke all the ecommerce records, at least in the U.S. Over the past five days, American consumers spent $24.2 billion online."

Time to read: 3,6 minutes

Studies, Reviews & Analyses

Target Impression Share Bidding: What We've Seen So Far »

"Target Impression Share bidding helped us accomplish our specific goals of decreasing CPCs and CPLs when kept at a lower Target IS of 90%, however,..."

Time to read: 4,6 minutes

Latest findings in advertising and marketing effectiveness »

"As Binet and Field have shown, time and again, over recent years, the most effective marketers spend 60% of time, effort and money on the long-term."

Time to read: 9,8 minutes

5 takeaways from the record-breaking Cyber Weekend »

"Cyber Weekend broke all the ecommerce records, at least in the U.S. Over the past five days, American consumers spent $24.2 billion online."

Time to read: 3,6 minutes

Interviews & Opinions

Interview: How Clinch Uses Creative Technology To Offer An Omnichannel Advertising Solution »

"The whole idea is to make a decision of what to show in each component of the ad. It could be a call to action, the product, what background, what type of video to actually show that specific user."

Time to read: 13,5 minutes

It's time to kill off follower counts on social networks »

"Over the past couple of weeks, Twitter and Instagram have begun testing ways to reduce visual emphasis on users’ follower counts."

Time to read: 3,1 minutes

30 Marketing Pros & Data Analysts Reveal How Marketing Data Analysts Can Better Impact Marketing ROI »

“The data is always there, you just have to know how to read it…”

Time to read: 29,1 minutes

How-Tos & Overviews

6 Key Things Worth Analyzing in Your Competitors’ PPC Strategies »

Time to read: 11,6 minutes

Advanced Analyses to Drive Remarketing Performance »

Time to read: 24,8 minutes

How to stop Google Tag Manager being hacked »

Time to read: 4,1 minutes

Might Come in Handy

How to use Chrome User Experience Report to improve your site's performance »

Time to read: 8,1 minutes

I've compiled the best SaaS Landing pages and broke down all their secrets »

Time to read: 12,7 minutes

UX Debt: How to Identify, Prioritize, and Resolve »

Time to read: 15,3 minutes

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