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13-19 May 2019  |  Week 20

Top of the Week

9 Massive Changes Coming to Google Ads #GoogleMarketingLive 2019 »

Google Marketing Live was fruitful. Meet new Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads & Youtube bumper ads generator and prepare to tweak your campaigns with Google lookalike audiences... Well, they call it audience expansion tool.

Time to read: 9.1 minutes (1821 words)


Google Drops a Bomb on Cookie-Based Advertising »

"Google essentially made the revelation that Chrome will now allow users to manage precisely who or what is tracking them online, throwing a wrench in online cookie tracking."

Time to read: 4.0 minutes (793 words)

The rise of podcast advertising: 32% of Americans
are tuning in »

"Listeners seem to not mind podcast ads as much — they earn 4.4x better recall than common digital ads."

Time to read: 3.9 minutes (772 words)

Danny Sullivan Highlights 6 Huge Publisher Fears at Google Ranking Fair »

Two fears really stand out: "Web publishers are not stupid and they are aware that voice search does not have a clear path to monetization." & "...fear of having the organic results pushed down by ads, featured snippets, People Also Ask and other “helpful” Google features."

Time to read: 4.4 minutes (880 words)

Studies, Reviews & Analyses

Scientific approach to Facebook Ads »

Awesome article but if you don't like to dive deep into math: You need 25-30 successful outcomes (conversions / clicks / ...) to make sure if the new ad creative is working or not.

Time to read: 14.1 minutes (2818 words)

Council Post: Banner Ads Don't Work On U.S. Physicians »

"We attempted to serve the ads to 927 unique physicians, but the ads were rendered successfully to only 183 unique physicians. The ads were blocked by 744 physicians' browsers — or about 80% of them... In interviews with physicians, most of them confirmed that they have ad blockers installed because industry advertisers heavily target them — often, too much and not in a very personalized way."

Time to read: 4.0 minutes (794 words)

Link Distance Ranking Algorithms - Search Engine Journal»

"There are many people who are worried about anchor text ratios, DA/PA of inbound links, but I think those considerations are somewhat old."

Time to read: 7.9 minutes (1588 words)

Interviews & Opinions

Programmatic digital OOH does not spell the death of traditional, static outdoor »

"The Drum spoke to Adam Green, senior vice president and general manager of Broadsign Reach around how automated digital advertising can be taken outdoor..."

Time to read: 3.9 minutes (789 words)

Opinion: The (misguided) push for a digital advertising tax »

"A Nobel Prize-winning economist is recommending that to save democracy, the Federal Government should tax advertising."

Time to read: 4.6 minutes (913 words)

Facebook's 'transparency' efforts hide key reasons for showing ads »

"For example, a person who wanted to target an ad at people with income below US$20,000 a year could conceal that intent by adding, as a secondary criterion, that they were “interested in Facebook” or “used a mobile phone” – massive groups that wouldn’t limit the advertising pool, but would more likely be mentioned in Facebook’s attempt to explain why any one person saw that ad."

Time to read: 7.1 minutes (1419 words)

How-Tos & Overviews

Welcome to the Golden Age of competitive research »

Time to read: 3.2 minutes (631 words)

Using IF functions on Google Ads to improve productivity »

Time to read: 5.2 minutes (1031 words)

How to Automatically Categorise Keywords for the Buyer’s Journey »

Time to read: 6.2 minutes (1236 words)

Might Come in Handy

A summary of Google Data Studio: Updates from April 2019 »

Time to read: 4.1 minutes (816 words)

How does a multichannel marketing strategy improve revenue, retention, and conversion? »

Time to read: 4.8 minutes (952 words)

We tried to get Facebook to send us ads based on our conversations »

Time to read: 5.0 minutes (1003 words)

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