Bonuses for Subscribers

Exclusive bonuses for subscribers of any of our digests. We have created these tools and templates for our own needs and improved them many times so your websites, campaigns, and clients will benefit from them a lot.

Dynamic Content Marketing Guide

Quick and clear path from zero to content marketing hero. Plan your content marketing strategy in 4 quick steps.

Naming Generator for Microsegmented Campaigns

Microsegment your campaigns like a pro. Manage your campaign matrix through 6 targeting dimensions.

Ultimate Website Redesign Roadmap

206 key points you should consider & check when planning and launching new websites. Plan in detail and avoid costly mistakes.

Advanced UTM Parameters Generator

Smarter tagging for deeper analytics measuring. From our experience: 4-times faster tagging with this template. :)

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Search Engine Optimization Digest

Weekly deep-dive into Google algorithms, content strategies, high-impact onpage optimization tips & link building case studies.

Online Advertising Digest

Facebook, Google & Programmatic Ads tweaks, algorithm workarounds, advanced targeting, top remarketing sequences, best video ad scenarios.