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We have started selecting the best digital marketing news and articles because we have needed them. Knowledge is the only real competitive advantage in a digital agency business or SaaS business. But when we and our team were searching for quality articles to read, we had to spend an unbelievable amount of time sifting through rubbish.

One thing was clear – we needed to streamline the process to save time for both our team and our clients and partners. Via that decision (and several trial-and-error iterations) Sigma Digest newsletter was born.

A lot of marketers are under the assumption that simply creating more content than the competition will get them the results they want. I beg to differ. If Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin have shown us anything, it’s that quality trumps everything else.

Neil Patel

‘Invite only’ version

You know the current fresh version of our newsletters already, but to show you Sigma Digest’s evolution, here are some previous digests. The main difference is that in the old version we have crammed all the quality content into one weekly newsletter. It was quite hard to scan through all of it. The new version is much more reader-friendly. :)


Weekly Digest: 5-11 November 2018

Weekly Digest: 14-20 January 2019

Weekly Digest: 13-19 May 2019

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