What is Sigma Digest?

Sigma Digest is digital marketing news service. We are hellbent on delivering only the best content that was published throughout the internet right into your inboxes.

Our subscribers get commented selection of articles regularly once a week. However, because digital marketing is quick and only well-informed marketers win, we are monitoring news every day, and any game-changing news is sent to you immediately.

To give you an even more significant competitive advantage and deepen your knowledge, each week we are creating specialized digests on chosen topics, competitive analyses of “what are doing others” in your field and studies, what tactics bring best results.

Last week in advertising: New Google Ads formats & cookie-based advertising threatened

Every week we send to our subscribers the most valuable content created in the last 7 days. Check this sample Online Advertising Digest (13-19 May 2019) for free.

Last week in SEO: Google Marketing Live & Danny Sullivan on publishers fears

Every week we send to our subscribers the most valuable content created in the last 7 days. Check this sample SEO Digest (13-19 May 2019) for free.

Who stands behind those article selections and analyses?

Sigma Digest was founded by Ben & Martin, Prague-based digital marketing specialists with a combined 24 years of experience. We are geeks that fell in love with paid advertising, SEO, analytics, social media, and affiliate marketing and together with our team, we are managing highly effective online campaigns for more than 70 clients.

Ben Olsansky serves as Sigma Digest Chief Editor and reads through hundreds of articles each week, but final digest you get into your inbox is the result of work of 6 quality-information addicts. :)

Why we started Sigma Digest?

We educate ourselves through quality content every day, and we hate losing time scanning through a ton of crap articles. Quality content got us to the top of our fields of expertise, while we have lost hundreds of hours because of shi**y click-baits.

In this struggle to find the brain food for us and our team, we have started to create and share internal weekly summaries of quality content. And at a point, we felt that it is just too valuable to keep it to ourselves. So we have upped our game, and we share it with the world. :)

We believe that even one great article read at the right time can multiply the results of your marketing and your business. So what can dozens of such articles each week do for you?


If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to contact Ben at ben@sigmadigest.com.

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